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Taizhou RongSheng Mold Co.,Ltd,located in the scenic banks of the Yangtze River in the middle position of jiangsu . the company covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. Own factory building area of 7400 square meters. This is a private enterprise which is both abundant in capital and technology !
The firm set up in April 2005, .at present , it has set up both subsidiaries of Taizhou RongSheng Mold Co.,Ltd KunShan Stanping Department located in chengxiang road 9,bacheng town,kunshan country,suzhou city and Taizhou RongSheng Mold Co.,Ltd WuXi Precision Production Department , located in xinxi road NO235,meicun town,wuxi city ,jiangsu province .main projects as followings:
1> First of all, various types of terminal connectors ,semiconductor down-lead frame, mobile phone antenna and other high precision stamping design, assembly and stamping.
2>Secondly, mechanical cutting tool design and processing.
3>Thirdly, precision electron, micro motor, finned heat exchanger such as air-conditioner parts and all kinds of mold fixture. Precision seized with the production and processing
4>Fourth,mold standard parts .
In order to adapt to the competition of the future market and take advantage of the transfering of the worwide manufacturing center in china , we pay attention to above fields¡¯ design and production. We cooperate with worldwide famouos enterprises such as WuXi alps , WuXi aviation Electrons , Beijing SongXia Control Device, HangZhou SongXia Motor , Gree Electric AppliancesS , ChunLan Air Cindition and NanTong FushiItong Micro elsctrons and so on and so many . at the same time win the consumers¡¯ favorable comments and trust !
In order to create advantage for the process precision stabilization and accurate detection , the company set up room temperature processing of clean power ,projection room and quality assurance office . the precision error of the high procision stamping can be controlled within¡À0.002mm
The company hold the motto : quality first , customer is god . adopted ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system since the beginning, and introduced ISO14001-2004 environment management system in november 2007. in order to innovate forever ,satisfy the customers, the professional training ,improved schemes,technical committees are coming to existence.
The company own a series of worldwide top high precision automatic process equipments, with abundant practical experiential professional technical talents, adopt Japanese WASINO complete automatic optics curve milling ,Japanese Dick walking Wire Cutting , Japanese Mitsubishi EDM, Haas Machining Center United States, Taiwan Jiande grinder, Japan NIKON vertical, such as high-definition projector Equipment more than 30 sets of combinations, Integration from CAD to CAM technology, efficient production of rapid import.
Since the company¡¯s establishment , insist on high technology as strategy means, To learning-oriented team throughout . To nurture, and retain a company to develop the source to the common development and common progress for the cooperation, create brilliant tomorrow!
The company has excellent human resources, advanced production technology, strong processing power, and improve quality control processes and scientific management in order to first-class quality, efficient service, reasonable price and you work together for mutual benefit and common development and improve overall strength, the challenges of the increasingly fierce competitive market!
Business purposes:
Taizhou RongSheng Mold Co.,Ltd has a pool of quality human resources, advanced manufacturing technology and scientific management methods, improve quality control processes, establish a corporate image, to provide customer satisfaction of products and services, to enter the international market. Uphold the integrity, efficiency, innovation, beyond the business philosophy, it is to achieve common development and common progress, enterprise stability into a long, operating an independent, profit-sharing employees operating objectives, and thus become a product diversification, technological leadership, and service guarantees of high-precision machinery and abrasives manufacturer.
Quality policy:
Full participation, precision high-performance, continuous improvement, to leading-edge technology, first-class quality, high-quality service and win the trust of customers.


Taizhou RongSheng Mold Co.,Ltd
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